Welcome to Queensferry Podiatry
  Welcome to Queensferry Podiatry

Foot Health Week - 22nd April - 28th April 2024

Foot Health Week is the Royal College of Podiatry’s national campaign dedicated to promoting the importance of healthy feet and podiatry.
During this time, the College and its members will be campaigning about the importance of good foot and lower limb health and the role that podiatric interventions can play in keeping people healthy, active and pain-free. You can download the College of Podiatry's helpful leaflet detailing the importance of caring for your feet.


Queensferry Podiatry was established in 1999 and is based within Forth Physio clinic (formerly JW Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics), situated in the beautiful town of South Queensferry.


We offer a professional and friendly podiatry service covering everything from nail problems, hard skin, corns and verrucae to comprehensive diabetic foot care and check-ups, biomechanical assessments, orthotic fitting and nail surgery.
Appointments last 30 minutes and can be scheduled to suit you. We offer Saturday appointments.


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All our Podiatrists are HCPC registered which means we meet the national standards and are practising legally, safely and effectively, and are entitled to use the title Podiatrist.

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Our podiatrists are members of the College of Podiatry (CoP) to help ensure best practice, achieve a high standard of care to patients and to ensure the correct protocols and procedures are followed to practice safely and effectively within the profession.


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