Welcome to Queensferry Podiatry
Welcome to Queensferry Podiatry


Appointments last 40 minutes and can be scheduled to suit you. We offer late night Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday appointments.

Routine Treatment

We offer a professional and caring foot care service and are able to treat problems such as:

  • Callous (hard skin)
  • Corns
  • Nail disorders eg ingrowing nails
  • Skin disorders
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Arthritic foot care
  • General foot pain
  • Verrucae
  • Footwear advice

Biomechanical Assessment

A Biomechanical assessment can diagnose underlying muscular and joint problems, which may be responsible for a range of symptoms ranging from hard skin and corns to flat feet, knee problems and even back pain. Our Podiatrists can tell if your particular style of walking may be causing a problem and advise you of the treatments available.


These are corrective appliances, which can be prescribed to treat biomechanical problems. They slip into the shoe, and help distribute your body weight more evenly while correcting any abnormalities in your gait. For more information from the College of Podiatry  <Click here>

Diabetic Screening

Foot problems are common causes of chronic disabilities in patients with diabetes. Early identification and intervention of those at risk will prevent complications and reduce the number of amputations.

Our Podiatrists are specially trained to perform diabetic foot screening. A copy will be given to you and sent to your GP.

Nail Surgery

If a nail problem (e.g. ingrowing nail) is severe or does not resolve with conservative treatment, your Podiatrist will remove part or the whole nail under local anaesthetic.

This simple procedure produces a good cosmetic effect, and the problem is not likely to recur. For more information from the College of Podiatry. <click here>


Verrucae are plantar warts that commonly occur on the soles of the feet or around the toe area.  In many cases, evidence suggests that verrucae will disappear of their own accord.

Treatments provided by a podiatrist involve an assessment of your general well-being and foot health before deciding on a treatment plan.  Please visit our Advice Sheet page for further information on treatments available. <click here>

For an appointment or further information about the treatements we offer, please call:

0131 331 1296.

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